Twin Easter Foals Born to Underweight Mom

I seem to be doing that “not post because I have nothing meaty to say” thing, so here’s something reasonably bite size:

Here is a cute “human interest” story about twin foals born on Easter Sunday.  It’s pretty nondescript, and the facts are more or less correct (twin foals are pretty rare, because most mares aren’t quite big enough to carry two full size fetuses to term).  I only got interested when I saw some screencaps from the video:

Twin Easter Foals, Tifton, GA

Twin Easter Foals, Tifton, GA

Why doesn’t anyone seem terribly concerned about that mare?  (Actually, people on forums are concernedbut why hasn’t even one of the hundreds of news feeds which have brainlessly reposted this article even wondered why they can see every rib on the mother?)  She looks like a 1 or 2 on the Henneke body condition scale — damn skinny, almost emaciated.  Yes, she’s been eating for three, and mares lose body condition when pregnant, especially with twins.  But let’s look at some other photos of new equine mothers of twins:

Premature foal twins return home Twin Foals Born at OSUTwin Shire Foals in Wales

EDIT: I feel better.  I’m not the only one that wondered.

I don’t think this is a post so much about this specific situation, even, as it is about this: The reporter and photographer visited the site and took pictures and video and didn’t see (or at least didn’t mention) the mare’s condition.  The primary editor at the TV station didn’t mention it, and neither did anyone else at the station which saw the story.  Many, many news feeds reposted this article without even appearing to do so much as glance at the photos.  What else are we missing, in other news articles on other topics?  Consider this article on a “black phase coyote” shot by a hunter.  What might the news outlets that covered this story have missed?  (Hint, kids: that’s a husky!)

9 responses to “Twin Easter Foals Born to Underweight Mom

  1. Dawn Acquaviva Roth

    THANK YOU for noticing. I was wondering the exact same thing. I’m a former breeding farm manager and life-long horsewoman. I volunteer at a local horse rescue, and I thought I’d seen it all! I saw the video two days ago and it has been freaking me out ever since. If the mare was a rescue then that should have been mentioned. I’ve already emailed the Georgia SPCA. I hope I get a response, and that they investigate.

    • If you click on the “I’m not the only one that wondered” link in the post, you can see that you and I are not the only people concerned about the mare — apparently many people have written and called in. Unfortunately, the official answer seems to be “she’s under the care of a veterinarian”, which as a rescue volunteer you know usually means very little. However, the louder the general public gets about her, the more likely she will be to receive decent care. I just hope the media attention doesn’t inspire a repeat breeding (maybe we’ll get more twins!) before she’s at a decent weight again….

  2. Dawn Acquaviva Roth

    Unbelievable. This case just proves that ignorance can be remedied, but stupid is forever.

  3. Yes, sadly lots of people were outraged. I was one of about 80 callers. I don’t live in GA. Took me 4 phone calls to get to the right department in the right county, but I called. What pisses me off, (almost as much as the bimbo owner wearing her nurses scrubs that didn’t seem at all concerned about having a sickly looking mare) is that people want to talk talk talk about it. MAKE A DAMN PHONE CALL. Laws do not get changed by people sitting around saying “someone should do something” – just not them. >:(

  4. was the mothrmaybe sick before giving birth. maybe she has a condition. has anyone asked?>

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