It’s Everywhere

Today I was using Microsoft Publisher 2010, part of the Office software suite, to make a flyer for my place of work.  I was looking through the standard, included templates, trying to find a template with tear-off strips for phone numbers at the bottom.  Among the three or four templates with that design I noticed one with a little dog icon and a suggested sample caption of “FREE Puppies or Kittens”.

The template can be found under “templates/flyers/all marketing” if you’re interested in seeing it yourself.  I can’t find a link to it on Microsoft’s site, but here’s an excerpt from a Publisher “how to” book, telling you how to use an extremely similar template (“Free Kittens!”) in Publisher 2007.

The dangers of “Free to Good Home” ads aside…this is just a scary little picture of how pervasive the idea of “animal as object” is in our society.  It’s so thoroughly ingrained that someone thinking I need to make a sample flyer with tear-off strips immediately came up with “giving away unwanted animals” as a subject for their sample flyer.

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